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Welcome to The Scarlet Macaw

Stay Connected to Nature’s Intense Outdoor Adventures

Be unstoppable!

Our sports and outdoors product collection is designed to keep you safe and comfortable
on your next camping, hiking, biking, and fun activities.

How did we start?

Our founder, Gabriela Marves, has always had an appreciation for nature and great adventure. Now as a mother of 4, she wanted to create the best products for outdoors enthusiasts such as her to enjoy nature’s beauty with their loved ones.
The Scarlet Macaw was named after the beautiful bird that represents the beautiful and tropical country where Gabriela was born. It is to pay tribute to her home country where she learned to love and appreciate the outdoors.

What makes our products unique?

We pride ourselves in providing the highest-quality sports and outdoors products in the market that help families enjoy their time together while exploring nature’s best. Our products are made with both comfort and versatility in mind for a more unforgettable experience.

Why do we love what we do?

It’s really simple. We love outdoors and sports, and we appreciate everything nature has to offer for our mind and body. Helping our customers experience hassle-free outdoor adventures to enjoy an active lifestyle means a lot to us.

More about us

It’s important that you prioritize comfort when exploring the outdoors. At The Scarlet Macaw, we have ergonomic bags and chairs for a great, hassle-free adventure experience.

Our products are unbreakable just like you! Because they’re made of only premium quality materials, they can withstand all drops and bumps. Yes, they’re designed to stay with you for years.

We know the essence of fashion, so we incorporate it to our products. Have that classic style on your next escapade.

The key to a memorable nature adventure is enjoying every moment with your loved ones whether during camping, hiking and other backpacking ventures.

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